About Us

House Of Dk designer, Devesh Kothari, focuses on fresh and exciting textiles and fashion techniques to create interesting designs in couture & ready to wear streetwear.

We work on creating our own concepts of bringing sustainability into fashion never seen before. House Of Dk encompasses the art of storytelling to draw a focus onto sustainability of fashion, by disrupting traditional textile methods. Our main emphasis is on the quality and detail of that fabric. “We prefer the canvas to be blank before making an art piece.”

We cater to unique and evolving ideology of millennial who perceive luxury in experiences and aim to give them sophisticated, bold and crazy outfits in more of oversized manner.

In fact, we focus on oversized outfits which are unique in its creation and has a handcrafted touch to that outfit which keeps you connected to our brand.

“I was always fascinated by textures, colours & shapes that I try to indulge with my creations and for me it’s all about creating something that connects me and my community”

“Sometimes it’s not about the style there, but an integration of ideas that I have brought with me from my experience in the past”

- Devesh Kothari, founder & designer, House of DK.